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Wellesley Players Star Award Recipients

The Wellesley Players Star Award is given each year to a member whose long-term contributions to the group go above and beyond the usual expectations.  Star Award winners are hard working unsung heroes of the organization, who are not currently serving on the Board of Directors.  Wellesley Players Board members nominate 2-4 candidates each spring and select a winner by ballot at their May meeting.  The Member at Large presents the Star Award to the winner at the Annual Meeting in June.


The 2016 winners are Steven Casolaro and Diane Rothauser.

On June 8th, the Players gathered for their 91st Annual Meeting! Attendees enjoyed delicious food and lovely conversations.Thank you to Diane Rothauser for organizing and Lois Goodman for hosting at her home. The Board of Directors presented its fourth annual STAR award to long-service members Steven Casolaro and Diane Rothauser. Steven and Diane has served the Wellesley Players in many capacities from producers to set builders/painters to devoted audience members and we are truly grateful for their service to this organization. The Players thanked Celia Couture for her leadership and determination in the role of President for the past several years.


The 2015 winner is Bob Pascucci, shown below with Member-at-Large Valerie von Rosenvinge

Bob Pascucci

2015 Winner: Bob Pascucci

This STAR award winner is referred affectionately by many theatre groups by different names:  Bob, Dr. Bob, Scuch, etc., but to the Wellesley Players, he is a constant reminder of quiet competence.  Bob has been both on-stage and off-stage as a member of the Players and was also a major character in the Burlington Players AACT National Award Winning Play:  The Radium Girls.  This year, Bob returned to the Players stage as a member of the Cockney Chorus.  He is very kind and giving. Other roles include high heel wearing as Bob was a Cagelle in the Wellesley Players production of La Cage aux Folles and the narrator for in Into The Woods.

Among his many talents, Bob is also a sound designer extraordinaire.  He is able to help augment a production through music selections or just the appropriate sound cue.  Bob often works late in to the evenings when everyone else has left the theatre or well before any of the members of the production staff come in to the theatre to get ready for a performance. 

During MFL, he often ran up three flights of stairs to fix sound levels and help with trouble-shooting while performing on stage.     He is by far the most in demand sound designer in the area.  He plans to retire in the coming year and while this is a much deserved rest, there are many of us who will miss his talent and expertise.  Some directors (like Celia for instance) appreciate his calm demeanor.  Directors He is the consummate professional. 

Bob is also an extremely compassionate man.  We seem to turn to Bob for reassurance and for help when any family member is sick or ill.  Without prompting, he visits hospitals rooms, flashing his smile, making us all feel a bit better that he are around.   Perhaps the qualities that we admire most are his thoughtfulness as well as his commitment and support.  He is also a great husband, a great dad and is now enjoying being a great grandpa! 

It with extreme pleasure that we award the Wellesley Players 2015 STAR award to Bob Pascucci.

Previous Recipients:

Lois Goodman

Lois Goodman-2013

Libby Ostrofsky

Libby Ostrofsky-2014